DATA PROTECTION YOTTALAN – PERU with legal address at Calle German Schreiber Gulsmanco 227 Of. 601, San Isidro. Lima, Peru, hereinafter YOTTALAN, informs its users of the portal, hereinafter the users, that YOTTALAN respects the current legislation on the protection of personal data and the privacy of users, in accordance with Law No. 29733, Law on the Protection of Personal Data, hereinafter the Law, and its Regulations approved by Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS, hereinafter the Regulations; adopting the necessary legal, technical and organisational security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data provided, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

YOTTALAN informs users that their personal data may only be obtained for processing when they are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the specific, explicit and legitimate scope and purposes for which they were obtained. Personal data will be deleted when they are no longer necessary or when requested by the user in the exercise of his right of cancellation.

Users must be informed of the purposes and other conditions for the processing of personal data at the time their consent is requested, in accordance with article 18 of the Law and numeral 4 of article 12 of its Regulations, except in the case of any of the exceptions provided for in the Law; or when the owner requests information in this respect.

The processing of personal data must be adequate and relevant in relation to the scope, the purposes determined, and the authorisations conferred for which they have been obtained, and may not be used for purposes incompatible with these. Further processing for historical, statistical or scientific purposes is not considered incompatible.
Should the data recorded be inaccurate, in whole or in part, or incomplete, YOTTALAN may update and/or replace them with the corresponding data, based on information from publicly available sources.