About Yottalan

Yottalan is a telecommunication company, which aims to bring the best connection through different services, supported by three key pillars; speed, high availability and security.

Our coverage started in zones of Lima (Ventanilla, Puente piedra, San Martin de Porres, Comas, Callao, Lima, among others). However, our vision is to cover all the peruvian territory, offering the best services, infrastructure and top level professionals to corporate and ISP's business.

Business strategy

360° support

All our services are linked, so our techinical support is in charge of specialized engineers, as well as a world class infrastructure support our operations.


Yottalan´s network is 100% fiber optics, designed and built with high standards and state of the art specificatioms to assure reliability and availability of our service.

Quality management policy

We are allways working to improve our processes to satisfy or customers needs, that is why we are improving and innovating our services.

Why Yottalan?

As many of us have lived in many other cases, talking about Yottabps speeds seems like science fiction today, but how many times we have seen unimaginable things become reality?
This inspired us to select the name which was born from two words, Yotta + LAN.

Yotta is a prefix that represent the factor of 10^24 and currently is the biggest and the last prefix confirmed in the International System, while LAN is the acronym to refer to Local Area Network, and although we have a large coverage, our service works as if the components were close, in a LAN.

Our coverage

Corporate social responsibility

On Yottalan we are commited to be a socially responsible company. For that reason, executives and skateholders, have the commitment to bring connectivity to remote areas . We also work every day in business best practices creating value and sustentability through our transparency and competitiveness.

Work with us

At Yottalan, we are looking for the best talented people. For that, we invite to join our team, to grow up together.

Send us your CV and we will contact to you as soon as posible.
At #Yottalan we value professional excellence, and we want you to be part of our team.

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